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To all former patients of
Dr. Donelson R. Manley, ophthalmologist:

We regret to inform you that Dr. Manley passed away in January 2019. Dr. Manley was an eye doctor servicing the Philadelphia region.


All former patients are
recommended to find a new ophthalmologist, and may request copies of their medical records
as described below.


New Doctor

Ophthalmologist Dr. Manley was a solo practitioner and since no doctor has taken over his practice, patients are advised to contact their insurance provider, local hospital or other referral source for the names of other ophthalmologists who may be available to serve as your physician. Both Lankenau Medical Center and Wills Eye Hospital, where Dr. Manley practiced, have a number of ophthalmologists who are accepting new patients.

Medical Records Requests from Dr. Manley, Ophthalmologist

Dr. Manley saw patients in his office practice, Lankenau Medical Center and Wills Eye Hospital.
In addition, he visited certain nursing homes and saw patients there. As such, depending upon
where Dr. Manley saw you as a patient, your medical records may have been stored in either
Dr. Manley’s private practice office, Lankenau Medical Center, Wills Eye Hospital or your
nursing home.

All medical records maintained in Dr. Manley’s private practice office have been placed in
commercial storage with Iron Mountain, Inc. and copies are available upon request. All medical
records that were stored at either Lankenau Medical Center, Wills Eye Hospital or your nursing
home are owned by those respective facilities and are presumably still maintained at their
respective locations. Copies of those records should also be available upon request to the
respective institution. Contact information for Iron Mountain, Lankenau Medical Center and
Wills Eye Hospital are listed below.

Please note that under federal and state laws, certain cost-based charges may be assessed by
providers for the release of copies of your medical records. The original records must be
maintained by the provider.



Requests for medical records may

be made by mail to:

Iron Mountain, Inc.
11333 E 53rd Ave
Denver, CO 80239
P) 303.373.5764
F) 303.576.6874

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(part of Main Line Health)

Requests for medical records may be made by mail or fax to:

Lankenau Medical Center

100 East Lancaster Avenue
Wynnewood, PA 19096
Attn: Medical Records Dept.
P) 484.476.2000 (Main #)
F) 610.356.3167

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Requests for medical records may be made by mail to:

Wills Eye Hospital

840 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Attn: Medical Records Dept.
P) 215.928.3000 (Main #)
F) 215-825-9086

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